Our Motive

Our motive is to build a foundation where all the photographer can share their experience and knowledge across the photographic fraternity.

Team Building

We believe that team play a vital role in any club and also respect individual as a family members.


Club believe in learning and every month club tries to arrange a workshop for the club members. It not only helps in team building activities but also help team members to learn and gain expertise in photography.


Club arranges salon/circuit on regular basis individually & also along with the partner clubs.

Welcome to Digital Eye Foundation!!!

About Our Club

Our club is purely related to photography and we emphasis on nurturing individual to a level so that they can stand with the professional photographer in every genre of photography.


Our club believe in involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc. It will help our club to grow and bring multilingual personality/photographer in same platform.


Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for our own club members and respect elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.


Transparency is a condition of being transparent, and we always try to share as much as our club details among the club members. It not only build a trust among the club members, but also create a positive environment.


Club always focus of being honest with in the club and encourage strong moral principles within the club member.

Join us in this August Initiative

Our Club always support a noble initiative for our society. if you also wish to be a part of our initiative. Kindly come forward and donate any amount as per your wish by clicking on the button.

It will not only encourage us but also “Help a needy person who is looking for help from us”.

God Bless and Thanks for your support…!!!


Photographic Experience

We have a team of experience and humble photographer, who are always ready to help, who want to help himself.

Friendly Environment

A friendly environment help us to encourage learning and also create a helping bond with in the club members.

Monthly Workshop

Club always believe in learning, so we arrange at-least one workshop for the club members.

Monthly Competition

Club encourage monthly contest within the club, to encourage photography and participants within the  family.

Encourage Participation

We encourage individual member to participate for photographic distinction and competition with all the necessary details and discount for his participation.


We believe on us…
We believe on you and your passion to be “Best Among The Best”.
Environment and the support of all the family members within the club.
Respect for individuality and love of the art, is the key within the club.
Learning culture within the club, for individual irrespective of age, sex, color and creed.